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About Vitiligo

Vitiligo or leucoderma is a chronic skin disease that causes loss of pigment, resulting in irregular pale or white or redish patches of skin. It is understood that about 1-2% of world population of all races and countries has been suffering from this disease. In about half of vitilgo sufferers, pigment loss starts before the age of twenty. It is observed that in about one fifth of individual having vitiligo other members of the family also have vitiligo.

In India Vitligo is commonly known as white patches and most of the people understand that it is kind of leprosy, though this is quite different from leprosy.

White patches appear in white, pink or red color on the skin. At the beginning they are of small patches which gradually increase in size and spread over at various parts of body and skin of any male or female of any age. White patches remaining old, the affected are become turgid and hairs become white or red. Gradually, the loss of sensation is also noticed in some cases.

White patches do not bring any ailment to body. But a feeling of light burning is felt and itching trouble occurs with some patients. Again, all these increase when out in the Sun. Though the number of such diseased person is very few yet the disease brings damage to corporal beauty.

This disease is not epidemic in nature but unfortunately a mistaken idea has set deep rooted in the society and the affected people are looked in contempt. More painful it is that people hesitate to give marriage with an affected person and or even with any member of his family. Due to sheer ignorance this mistaken idea is causing anxiety and fear in the society. We must examine the disease from the scientific point of view. Side by side we should minimize this uncalled for fear and ensure that inferiority complex is allowed to grow up in the mind of patients.