Shri Ayurvedic Pharmacy Experts Of Vitiligo Treatment

Medicines for Vitiligo

We prepare more than 25 kinds of medicines for both external and internal use for treatment of Vitiligo sufferers. All the patients are not treated with same common medicines. Patients suffer from different types of Vitiligo and their nature, too, remains different. Our some medicines are based on old age formulae of Ayurveda science and these formulae are narrated in Bhav Prakash, Charak Samhita, Ayurved Saar Sangrah etc. Such medicines are Arogya Bardhini Bati, Kishore Guggulu, Udayaditya Ras, Gandhak Rasayan, Somraj Ghrita, Panchtikta Ghrita guggul etc. In addition to it we have our own formulae which we have received from our ancestors.

The followings are main ingredients for external use:

Purified psoralea-corylifolia, Urine of cow, Juice of Bhrigraj leaves, Mainsil, Hartal, Root of Ghungchi, Root of Chitrak, Karaskar Oil, Chalmogra Oil, Sandalwood oil, Somraj Oil.

The followings are main ingredients for medicines for internal use:

Purified Somraj, bark of margosa tree, Dhanvanatari (A kind of herbs), abstract of Amrita, kalmegh, Punarnava, kali jeeri, Ashwagandha etc.

If required the following materials are also used in some cases:

Copper Bhasma, Iron Bhasma, Shilajit, Mandur Bhasma.