Shri Ayurvedic Pharmacy Experts Of Vitiligo Treatment

Treatment and Precautions for Vitiligo

Ayurveda has spelt out many causes which causes onset of this disease. If we analyze all such causes then we can maintain in a nutshell that human body is comprised of three basic elements, viz. Kapha (cough/phlegm), Pitta (Bile) and Vaayu (Air) and all the said three elements should remain properly balanced. If and when there is an imbalance amongst the three elements then white patches or any other mortal disease can over power any person. When all the three basic elements remain properly balanced then patient will remain free from disease. Now the question naturally arises as to what are the causes which cause imbalance of these basic elements in human body? Ayurveda had suggested methods to keep body mind and intellect healthy 3000 years ago. When these suggestions are examined on the scientific parameters they have proved true. First is that every person should perform his routine chores regularly and punctually. Daily routine consists of defection and urination cleanliness of body, massage, yogasana, meditation (dhyan), proper diet, Physical activity, sound sleep getting up from the bed before Sunrise. It is also advised that all the natural flows (Vega) like defection urination sneezing, vomiting etc. should never be stopped. There are directions for proper and pure diet. For instance it is also guided that one should remain from consuming food items of diverse qualities like Brinjal, Fish, Meet, Black gram, Onion, liquor etc. It is also wrong that milk and milk products should be consumed with above mentioned food items. Apart from it milk should not be taken with salt. There are other guidelines also viz. one should avoid taking fat rich food items after taking meals. Whole lentil mixture of salt and sugar, consume meat in hot climate, too much intake of eggs, take meals again after taking meals, doing physical exercise immediately after taking meals, taking bath immediately after finishing physical exercises taking heavy and fatty meals during indigestion, doing any Pranayam and exercises prior to defecation must be avoided. The three basis elements also get adversely affected due to Malaria and Typhoid. Due to long standing constipation, disordered digestive system other stomach related disorders etc. basic elements get adversely affected and one can also suffer from white patches disease. If children have worms in their bodies then also the three basic elements get disordered and disease of white patches may appear. If physical activity and yogasans are not done in proportion to quantity of food intake then also three basic elements can get imbalanced and affected. We have also observed during our experience then certain types of particular antibiotics and chemicals can also prove much harmful and can also cause leucoderma. Further wearing foot wear of cheap quality can also cause leucoderma in the feet.

A patient of white patches must not eat the following food items- A patient of white patches must not eat the following food items- Juggry, seasame or jinjiili, seasame oil, curd, Buffalo milk, Brinjal, Radish, Pumpkin(Petha or Kumhra), sour or soured materials, citric fruits, Split and husked pulse, wine or liquor, narcotic, meal liable for constipation, food prepared with excessive salt and rich spices.

For patients of bile trouble staying in sunshine for longer time as well as staying by the side of fire both is harmful.

In addition to it a patient of Vitiligo should not drink chilled water or soft drinks. Chilled water and soft drinks harms digestive system.