Shri Ayurvedic Pharmacy Experts Of Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo and the extent of its cure

From our experience we have observed that all types patches are curable with the help of our treatment. We hold concrete evidences in the matter. Regular treatment helps vanishing of white patches. In Ayurveda Shasta’s it has been categorically stated almost all types of white patches is curable. Vtiligo may be very acute but can’t be said to be incurable. The question here rightly poses is how many men have tenacity to go with prolonged treatment?

We give here under particulars of such complicated Vitiligo are acute in nature yet can be cured for which some time is essentially required. Such white patches appearing on

  • Lips, foot, Palate surrounding nail etc.
  • Such white patches where hair becomes white or brown.
  • On body parts where patches are older than 20 years.
  • In case of patients where his age is above 55.
  • Such white patches of the diseased who lives amidst very poor sunlight or where there is practically no summer but winter is in abundance and contrary to new patches, small patches which are of pink color where skin is graceful can easily be cured in short time.


The effect of our treatment of Vitiligo, if patches are new and the same has spread in small areas of the body, will be noticed within a few days of commencement of treatment. The benefit accrues in the shape of changing color, size of patches becoming small and revival of natural color of the skin in the affected areas. But in case of old patches benefits accrue rather late. If after commencement of treatment itching takes place over white patches and the affected areas burst into the benefit is then sure to accrue. At such critical stage the patient need not be nervous. Medicine intended for external application shall be discontinued but treatment for swelling up be taken up at once. For this purpose first allow water of the blister to go away with the help of sterilized needle. Apply camphor and clarified butter (desi ghee) mixed together like a paste there. This will help eradication both of swelling and blister within few days. Beneficial mixture is there for the patient whose nature is very sort or who become the victim of repeated swelling of the skin. If medicine prepared out of such mixture, is used the chance of swelling up of skin is minimized largely. The mixture is particularly very helpful for persons of soft nature as well as for children.