Shri Ayurvedic Pharmacy Experts Of Vitiligo Treatment


From 1934 about 180,000 patients of Vitiligo underwent our treatment and 130,000 for other disease were treated. We tried our best to study our records and reach on a conclusion for success of our treatment.

Success rate on treatment of Vitiligo:- We studied on 7500 patients of our Vitiligo during year 2006-07.

  1. More than 77.6% patients of Vitiligo were completely cured and they got rid of this illness.
  2. Out of 22.4% patients who were not fully cured, but they had got satisfactory result, either discontinued treatment due to any personal reason, unable to follow precautions or not taking medicines regularly. About 1.5% discontinued our treatment due to busy life.

We should like to say a fact also:- After 3 years 53 patients intimated us that spots of Vitiligo re-appeared on their body. When we studied their case we have find that 14 patients start eating Non Vegetarian food and eggs, 6 patients had started taking alcoholic drinks, 18 patients were found that they had become patients of regular constipation, One of them was a truck driver who had to perform his duty at night and it is fact that we didn’t reach on conclusion on 14 patients why their illness again came back. But we guess some patients hide truth.

Thus we can say that success rate of treatment of Vitiligo through Ayurveda is 99% and only those patients who doesn’t follow our guidelines or don’t use medicines regularly are not cured.

We can easily say that success rate of other illness like piles, constipation, painful menstruation, leucorrhoea premature ejaculation etc are about 99.9%.