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Our Patients Testimonals

We have received thousands of appreciation letters from our patients and we are providing actual comments of few patients.

“With reference to your prescription Register serial no 36347/S I had used used your medicines for the treatment of vitiligo and I was fully cured. Now my relative whose age is 24 years old wants to use medicines for other problem----------“

Raju Kanwarkar
Chindwara- 430001

“My wife Manju Devi, age 45 years old, has been suffering from Arthritis for the last 6 years and she had undergone treatment from so many doctors. Still she can’t remain standing without support of wall or stick. One day Deep Narayan Singh Deo told me that he had undergone Ayurvedic treatment of Vaidya Ganesh Shanker and he was fully cured from Vitiligo. He advised me to make contact with you for treatment of arthritis.---------“ treatment of arthritis.---------“

Saroj Kumar Singh Deo

“I have been suffering from Vitiligo for many years and have used many medicines including Babchi. Still white spots have been increasing day by day. Some of my relative had used your medicines and she was cured and she has given your address ……….”

Pushpa Verma

“My daughter was successfully treated from Vitiligo. Your Prescription Register Serial No 37202. She is completely free from Vitiligo. But unfortunately there have appeared some spots of Vitiligo on my wife’s Bimla Dinda body…….. “

Narugpoal Dinda
South 24 Pargana’s

“ One of my friend had used your medicines for treatment of vitiligo and he was soon cured. He gave me some spare medicine for use of my son. Your medicine gave very good result to my son’s Vitiligo. Please send more medicines for my son. I have also enclosed here with duly filled in Diagnostic questionnaire. ………. “

Balak Ram Sharma

“My daughter-in-law Veena had used your medicines under your prescription register serial number 34944 and she got rid from vitiligo completely. Now I am writing to for some other problem of my daughter who is 24 years old unmarried girl and has been suffering from obesity. Her weight has increased to 74 kgms…………………. “

Puttu Lal Prajapati

“I am Rajendra Pandit writing to you that my daughter Rupa Kumari was cured from vitiligo through your treatment. I am writing to you for a new patient whose address is given below…………………….. “

Rajendra Pandit

“My daughter Sunita Kumari had used your medicines for 3 months and about 60% spots of Vitiligo had gone away from her body. But I discontinued your treatment in hope of quicker result and approached some other doctor who had asked me that she could eat everything even meat and eggs also excepting sour and soured materials. But it gave her adverse result and spots increased in size and the patches which had restored to natural skin color again became white. It was my mistake on my part. Please provide treatment again…….. “

Bhikhu Kaakriya
Rai Bareilly

“ 24 years ago I had gone under your treatment for Vitiligo and I was fully cured in just one month. That time my patient number was 9031 dated 19/09/83. Vitiligo spots again are coming on some parts of body………………… “

Shakeel Ahmed

“ My son’s age is 12 years He has white spot of Vitiligo on his back. 3- 4 children of my own village used your medicines for treatment of Vitiligo and they were completely cured. So I have decided to use your medicines………………. “

Kaushalya Devi Verma

“ Many patients of Vitiligo of this village were cured by your treatment. So, I am sending this letter to you for same Vitiligo disease of my son……………….”

Sagar Pandey

“ Some white spots of Vitiligo have grown on face. My own brother had used your medicines and he became free from this disease…………….”

Veena Devi

“ ….. I’m Prem Singh Chauhan S/o Sri Chetram of Mandi. Some white patches have appeared on body of my daughter……. A person of my village had was successfully treated from your Bhargav Clinic, Sahibabad gave me your address and so I am sending this letter.”

Regd letter No: RE703437721IN dated 23.0.2012

"Tarun Ghosh of village Malipota District- North 24 Pargagan send Speed post letter No: RW 31880363 8IN dated 13.10.2012- Letter says – “ By using medicines for just 20 month all the small white patches have gone away; only big spots are remaining….”.

Tarun Ghosh
North 24 Pargagan