Shri Ayurvedic Pharmacy Experts Of Vitiligo Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions by patients about Treatment

How we have been providing treatment without personal consultation?
We collect all the necessary information required for diagnosis of the disease and we prepare suitable course of treatment. Patients can give all the necessary information which we ask through any mode of communications.

How can a patient tell about his disease and improvement in disease?
All the necessary information required for diagnosis is asked by our physicians/specialists.

How we have been sending medicines in India and overseas?
We send medicines within Indian Territory through VP parcel (parcel which cost is collected by post office and payment received from the addressee is sent to us by VP money order) or Post parcel or courier. Medicines to a foreign country addressee are sent through express air post parcel.

Mode of payment?
Patients living in Indian Territory can order for delivery through VPP. We charge postage excluding the cost of medicines of a VPP and the addressee has also to pay Money Order commission. When we receive advance payment, we don’t charge postage or courier expenses. They can ask for account details from us. Overseas patients can send cost of treatment course and forwarding charge through Western Union Money Transfer or Moneygram or by demand draft through their banks.

How can a patient order for his medicines and time duration of replying an e-mail?
By personal contact, phone call, E-mail or by letter. We make our best attempt to reply an e-mail within 12 to 24 hours.

Treatment cost?
Cost of treatment may vary for each and every patient. When we receive all the necessary information of the disease, we communicate about the cost.

Time of consulting on phone and mobiles?
Indian patients can call us between 7:30 AM. To 21:30 PM. Patient living in a foreign country can send message about their suitable time after 21:30 PM. They may be given some other phone number.

How many days we are taking to deliver medicines in India and abroad?
In case of advance payment delivery within India territory takes place in 72 hours. Exceptions are far remote places like North-Eastern Region. VP parcels are delivered by postal services, government of India and hence we can’t predict about delivery of a VP parcel. Patients living in a foreign country can receive our medicines in a week to in a fortnight time.

Is disease is permanently treated?
Treatment that doesn’t treat a disease permanently can’t be said treatment but patient have to take certain precautions.